1. John
    May 8, 2022

    I believe this concert is actually from St. Thomas Episcopal Church in NYC (I was there). Shakti was actually known as Turiyananda Sangit at this point, and the concert also featured the “Mahavishnu Choir”, which was a chorale group performing music that was slated to be part of a double album that eventually became the single Mahavishnu Orchestra record, Visions of the Emerald Beyond. The Boston error has be repeated and debated before, but it generally seems this was the NYC show at St. Thomas. Well worth hearing this regardless of where it came from, by the way. For the sake of accuracy about ensemble name and location of performance, I did want to mention this.

    1. livejazzlounge
      May 8, 2022

      Thanks for this wonderful contribution.
      All the best to you!
      Peace, love and jazz.

  2. BT
    May 7, 2022

    Thank-you so much for the McLaughlin flood – eightfold appreciated!


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