Gilad Hekselman “Zuperoctave” – Bimhuis, Amsterdam, December 2017

Gilad Hekselman: guitar
Aaron Parks: piano, Fender rhodes
Kendrick Scott: drums, pads

Live at Bimhuis, Amsterdam, December 16, 2017
Cover photograph by LJL

  1. V Blues
  2. It Will Get Better
  3. Clap Clap
  4. Eyes Of The World
  5. Home To You
  6. Cosmic Patience
  7. Tokyo Cookie
  8. Doremifasol
  9. Unnamed
  10. Encore

Duration 01:32:12

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4 thoughts on “Gilad Hekselman “Zuperoctave” – Bimhuis, Amsterdam, December 2017

  1. Thank you for this recording. I plan to see them as soon as I can. The encore is entitled “Stumble” or at least it was when I saw Gilad last April in NYC.

    Thanks again,


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