Terri-Lyne Carrington “Money Jungle”- Berklee Center, February 2013


Terri Lyne Carrington: drums
Gerald Clayton: piano
Zach Brown: bass
Shea Rose: narrator and vocals
Joanna Teters: vocals
Asher Kurtz: guitar
Edmar Colon: flute and tenor
Eitan Gofman: flute
John Egizi: trombone
Grant Richards: keyboards
Sergio Martinez and Leonardo Osuna Sosa: percussion
Gabriela Jimeno: computers

Live at Berklee Center, February 14, 2013
Cover photograph by LJL

  1. Money Jungle
  2. Fleurette Africain
  3. Backward Country Boy Blues
  4. Very Special
  5. Grass Roots
  6. A Littel Max
  7. Switch Blade
  8. Cut Off

Duration 00:51:37

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