Marilyn Mazur with Norrbotten Big Band – Kulturens hus, Lulea, October 2012

Marilyn Mazur: percussion, voice
Hakan Brostrom: saxophone
Members of Norrbotten Big Band

Live at Kulturens hus, Lulea, Sweden, October 2007
Cover photograph by LJL

1. Episodes From The Future And The Past I-IV
2. Notos
3. Under The Surface
4. Meetings Of Bright Shadows
5. Do You Remember
6. Garden Of Lindens
7. Byssan Lull

Duration 01:44:17

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  1. Marky
    November 30, 2013

    Absolutely love this drummer. Wish folks would post more of her shows. Thanks.

    1. livejazzlounge
      December 1, 2013

      More in the can!
      Peace, love and jazz.

  2. livejazzlounge
    November 24, 2013

    Epic drummer enjoys strong brass backing at the end of the North. Cover photograph by LJL.


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