John Scofield Trio – AMR Jazz Festival, March 2013

John Scofield: guitar
Larry Goldings: Hammond organ
Greg Hutchinson: drums

Live at AMR Jazz Festival, Geneve, Switzerland, March 20, 2013
Cover photograph by LJL

1. My Romance
2. Slinky
3. Flower Power
4. Countryman
5. Steeplechase
6. The Tennessee Waltz
7. It Could Happen To You
8. Hole In My Life
9. Gee Baby Ain’t I Good To You
10. If
11. Crying Time
12. Green pajamas

Duration 02:02:40

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9 thoughts on “John Scofield Trio – AMR Jazz Festival, March 2013

    1. thanx so much from a HUGE Sco fan…I own Hand Jive(on cassette!) and this recent show here I bet is gonna be smokin’! Your work here gives me a reason to be online, and brings great joy to my ears and soul! Merci!

  1. thanks for the posts..go to 365trios blogspot c box for chick corea’s vigl show from last sunday (i’m VSOP there)

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