SF Jazz Collective – Jazzklubb Fasching, March 2010


Miguel Zenon: Alto Saxophone
Mark Turner: Tenor Saxophone
Avishai Cohen: Trumpet
Robin Eubanks: Trombone
Stefon Harris: Vibraphone
Edward Simon: Piano
Matt Penman: Bass
Eric Harland: Drums

Live at Jazzklubb Fasching, Stockholm, Sweden, March 20, 2010

1. Senor Blues
2. Sister Sadie
3. The Mystery Of Water
4. Suite For Ward Martin Tavares
5. The Lady From Johannesburg
6. The Devil In The Details
7. Brothersister II
8. Song For My Father
9. Baghdad Blues

Duration 01:42:00

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4 thoughts on “SF Jazz Collective – Jazzklubb Fasching, March 2010

  1. Great post thanks!

    Track 3 The Mystery Of Water
    Track 4 Suite For Ward Martin Tavares
    Track 5 The Lady From Johannesburg
    Track 6 The Devil In The Details
    Track 7 Brothersister II
    Track 8 Song For My Father
    Track 9 Baghdad Blues

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