Wayne Shorter Quartet – Umea Folkethus, Sweden, October 2006

Wayne Shorter: saxophones
Danilo Perez: piano
John Patitucci: bass
Brian Blade: drums

Live at Idun teatern, Umea folkethus, Umea, Sweden, October 29, 2006

1. Zero Gravity
2. Go
3. She Moves Through the Fair
4. Smiling Through
5. Over Shadow Hill Way
6. Prometheus Unbound

Duration 01:06:34

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8 thoughts on “Wayne Shorter Quartet – Umea Folkethus, Sweden, October 2006

  1. I can’t WAIT to hear this, arguably my favorite Quartet, in action-without a doubt their level of interplay and improvisation is astounding,breathtaking, and it’s everything Jazz should be, to me at least ( I know there’s SO many different styles and players) . I will listen in and try to get the track titles to you, if you are inerested. AGAIN, THANK YOU SO MUCH. I saw this quartet about 6-7 years ago in Newport…my head is still in flux after what I heard (p.s. I do own ” Beyond the Sound Barrier’, as well as most of Waynes Blue Note stuff, and the live 2001 too…I try to support the people I believe in.

  2. I hope I didn’t repeat myself , but THANK YOU!! I love this quartet, bought the live 2001 album as well as “Sound Barrier” and saw them in 2006 or 2007 at Newport.They are CRAZY good, and can’t wait to hear this!!!! THANK YOU for all your work in getting this live material out to people like me who really love to listen!!!!

  3. I already have this so here are the titles BUT my recording is tracked a little differently. Anyway, here you go

    1 Zero Gravity 13.22 2 Go/She Moves Through the Fair/Smiling Through 26.04 3 Over Shadow Hill Way 10.25 4 Prometheus Unbound 16.43

  4. This concert is amazing… The level of playing, invention, interplay, feeling, communication… and Wayne is just a poet… magic…

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