Eberhard Weber, Radio Hamburg Funkhaus, February 1983

Paul McCandless: Soprano Saxophone, Oboe, English Horn, Bass Clarinet
Lyle Mays: Piano
Bill Frisell: Guitar
Eberhard Weber: Bass
Mario Castronari: Percussion, Bass
Michael DiPasqua: Drums, Percussion

Live at Radio Hamburg Funkhaus, 26 February, 1983
Cover photograph by LJL (unknown artist)

  1. Often In The Open
  2. Maurizius
  3. Death In The Carwash

Duration 00:58:16

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4 thoughts on “Eberhard Weber, Radio Hamburg Funkhaus, February 1983

  1. Hello,

    this is a wonderful record. But who did the artwork for this picture of a goat nun? It’s pure beauty and impresses me.

    stay tuned,

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