Steve Tibbetts – Live in the USA 1982/5

Steve Tibbetts: guitar and kalimba
Marc Anderson: percussion
Bob Hughes: bass (2, 3 and 4)
Jim Price: violin (1)
Dave Peterson: guitar (1)
Tim Weinhold: percussion (1)
Randal Brown percussion (1)

Live in the USA, 1982 (1) and 1985 (2-4)
Cover photograph by LJL (unknown artist)

  1. My Last Chance (1982)
  2. Test (1985)
  3. Vision (1985)
  4. Walking (1985)

Duration 00:26:54

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3 thoughts on “Steve Tibbetts – Live in the USA 1982/5

  1. I’ve seen Steve Tibbetts live three times (once during the SAFE JOURNEY tour) – twice in Ottawa and once in Montreal. He has a wicked sense of humour. I got a chance to meet him and have him autograph all his recordings that I owned. When he got to his first album (on Frammis) he said, “So you’re the person who bought it!”.

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