Pablo Held Trio with Ralph Towner – Kölner Philharmonie, Cologne, December 2021

Pablo Held: piano
Ralph Towner: guitar
Robert Landfermann: bass
Jonas Burgwinkel: drums

Live at the Kölner Philharmonie, Cologne, Germany, December 22, 2021

  1. Trio Medley
  2. Flow (RT solo)
  3. Make Someone Happy (RT solo)
  4. At First Light (RT solo)
  5. Museum of Light
  6. Saunter
  7. The Prowler
  8. My Foolish Heart

Duration 01:11:52

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  1. Les Nelson
    February 24, 2024

    Thank you -a musical marriage made in heaven -Pablo was one of the late great John Taylor’s most talented students so it is appropriate that he now plays with the wonderful Ralph Towner, who is a genius just like his old friend John Taylor.


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