John Scofield Trio – Bimhuis, Amsterdam, October 2014

John Scofield: guitar
Steve Swallow: bass
Bill Stewart: drums

Live at Bimhuis, Amsterdam, October 17, 2014
Cover photograph by LJL

  1. How Deep Is The Ocean
  2. Chicken Dog
  3. Everything I Love
  4. Guitar Improv / Simply Put
  5. Chap Dance / Green Tea
  6. Weird Heads
  7. Season Creep
  8. Twang
  9. Someone to Watch Over Me
  10. Unknown title
  11. Museum
  12. Hittin’ The Jug
  13. Fast Blues

Duration 01:53:55

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  1. JohnScoMania
    March 13, 2022

    Thank You!
    TK4: Guitar Solo Improv > Simply Put
    TK5: Chap Dance > Green Tea
    TK10: Trio Improv??
    TK12: Hittin’ The Jug (Gene Ammons)
    TK13: Trio Blues

  2. Don Riddle
    January 24, 2022

    Great recording! Thank you! Has anyone identified the unknown tracks? I believe track 4 is “Simply Put” from the album “A Moment’s Peace”, track 5 (which is two songs) first half is unknown but the second half is “Swinganova” from “Bump.” Can’t identify track 10 or 12.


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