Iro Haarla’s “Ante Lucem” – Umea Jazz Festival, October 2012


Iro Haarla: piano, harpa
Hayden Powell: trumpet
Tryggve Seim: saxophone
Ulf Krokfors: bass
Mika Kallio: drums

Norrlands Opera Symphony Orchestra
Conductor: Jukka Iisakkila

Premiere concert live at Umea Jazz Festival, Umea, Sweden, October 25, 2012

1. Persevering With Winter
2. …And The Darkness Has Not Overcome It
3. Songbird Chapel
4. Ante Lucem

Duration 66:00

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3 thoughts on “Iro Haarla’s “Ante Lucem” – Umea Jazz Festival, October 2012

  1. The order of the four parts to this suite are different on the released studio CD of the same title. 1) Songbird Chapel; 2) Persevering with Winter; 3) And the Darkness Has Not Overcome; 4) Ante Lucem. I’ve read that parts of the CD were taken from this recording, which is so amazing.

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