Dewey Redman Quartet – AMR Jazz Festival, April 2004

Dewey Redman: tenor saxophone
Rita Marcotulli: piano
John Menegon: bass
Matt Wilson: drums

Recorded live at AMR Jazz Festival, Switzerland, April 4, 2004
Cover photograph by LJL

  1. Dewey’s tune
  2. Qow
  3. L-pimp
  4. Daystar Nightlight
  5. Everything Happens To Me
  6. The Whimbler
  7. Spektiv
  8. Curlycue

Duration 01:07:48

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2 thoughts on “Dewey Redman Quartet – AMR Jazz Festival, April 2004

  1. I discovered the blog a few days ago. Congratulations for the sum of great music you are sharing.
    I downloaded “Dewey Redman Quartet AMR Jazz Festival 2004”. It looks like tracks 6-9 are not played by the same quartet than the 5 first ones. (It’s a quartet, but the piano is replaced by a trumpet, on on track 6, i even suspect the bassist to play electric bass). Nevertheless, the music is very good. Do you have any other information ?

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