Manu Katche “Tendances” – Cully Jazz Festival, March 2007

Alex Tassel: trumpet
Franck Avitabile: piano
Jerome Regard: bass
Manu Katche: drums

Live at Cully Jazz Festival, Cully, Switzerland, March 23, 2007
Cover photograph by LJL

1. Take Off And Land
2. Good Influence
3. Miles Away
4. No Rush
5. Rose
6. So Groovy
7. Number One
8. Unknown Title
9. Clubbing
10. Lovely Walk

Duration 66:00

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2 thoughts on “Manu Katche “Tendances” – Cully Jazz Festival, March 2007

  1. Thanks for this recording. Do you have any recording of Gregory Porter, Geraldine Laurent or Francesca Han. Thanks in advance for your kidness.

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