The Cookers – 92Y Tribeca, New York, December 2012


Billy Harper: tenor saxophone
Eddie Henderson: trumpet
David Weiss: trumpet
Craig Handy: alto saxophone
George Cables: piano
Cecil McBee: bass
Billy Hart: drums

Live at 92Y Tribeca, New York City, December 12, 2012

1. Capra Black
2. Ebony Moonbeams (Cables)
3. Believe, For It Is True
4. Sweet Rita Suite, Pt. 2
5. The Core

Duration 60:00

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5 thoughts on “The Cookers – 92Y Tribeca, New York, December 2012

    1. The link doesn’t seem to work.
      By the way, thanks a million for such a great site !
      Really appreciated !

  1. Sweet! As a fan of the original Morgan–Hubbard “ookers”, this shoot-out is looking to be awesome, just by scanning the lineup! And I just finished reading the “Mwandishi” book too! Henderson and Hart together again!

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