Weather Report – Musikforum, Ossiach, June 1971

Joe Zawinul: piano & keyboards
Wayne Shorter: tenor & soprano saxophones
Miroslav Vitous: bass
Alphonse Mouzon, drums
Dom Um Romao: percussion & flute

Live at Internationales Musikforum, Stiftshof Ossiach, Carinthia, June 27, 1971
(Possibly the first recording available of a live performance of the band)

  1. Firefish
  2. Unknown 1
  3. Early Mirror
  4. Morning Lake
  5. Waterfall
  6. Umbrellas
  7. Piano Intro | Eurydice
  8. Seventh Arrow
  9. Unknown 2
  10. Orange Lady

Duration 01:16:32

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5 thoughts on “Weather Report – Musikforum, Ossiach, June 1971

  1. Thank you for this legendary performance of WR-I liked this original lineup more than the later ones -maybe I’m not alone?

  2. Amazing! Is this the same concert that’s excerpted on the 1971 three record set on BASF Records Ossiach Live?

  3. Saw them live at the Cellar Door in DC right after the 1st lp…by far my favorite version of this group…

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