Ralph Towner – Waldfrieden, Germany, June 2017

Ralph Towner: classical guitar
Birds: background singing

Live at Wuppertal Skulpturenpark, Waldfrieden, Germany, June 15, 2017
Cover photograph by LJL

  1. Blue As In Bley
  2. My Foolish Heart
  3. Saunter
  4. I’ll Sing To You
  5. Jamaica Stopover
  6. Pilgrim
  7. Dolomiti Dance
  8. I Fall In Love Too Easily
  9. Always By Your Side
  10. If
  11. Anthem
  12. Nardis

Duration 1:00:41

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5 thoughts on “Ralph Towner – Waldfrieden, Germany, June 2017

  1. Awesome! Great sound! Birds in the background. Just looked at pics on Google of Skulpturenpark – what a setting. Thanks so much for this one!

  2. What a beautiful open air concert, with birds singing in the background. Thanks so much for uploading it. Unfortunately I wasn’t anywhere near a place where Mr. Towner performed this summer, so this is a kind of consolation for me.

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