John Scofield & WDR Big Band – Cologne, May 2011


John Scofield: guitar
Michael Abene: conductor, arrangements
Johan Hörlen, Karolina Strassmayer, Olivier Peters, Paul Heller, Jens Neufang: saxophones
Ludwig Nuss, Marshall Allan Gilkes, Hans-Jürgen Fink, Mattis Cederberg: trombones
Andy Haderer, John Marshall, Wim Both, Rob Bruynen, Klaus Osterloh: trumpets
Frank Chastenier: keyboards
John Goldsby: bass
Hans Dekker: drums

Live at Philharmonie, Cologne, May 21, 2011
Cover photograph by LJL

1. Let the Cat Out (Soloists: Karolina Strassmayer, as; Frank Chastenier, org; John Scofield, gt)
2. Hive (Soloists: John Scofield, gt; Andy Haderer, tp)
3. Chicken Dog Soloists: John Scofield, gt; Marshall Gilkes, tb)
4. Keep Me In Mind (Soloists: John Scofield, gt; John Marshall, tp)
5. Go Blow Soloists: Johan Hörlen, as; John Scofield, gt)
6. The Guiness Spot Soloists: John Scofield, gt; John Goldsby, b)
7. Still Warm Soloists: John Scofield, gt;  Paul Heller, ts; Hans Dekker, dr)
8. Easy For You (Soloists: John Scofield, gt; Paul Heller, ts)
9. Sin And Misery (Soloists: John Scofield, gt; Frank Chastenier, p; Johan Hörlen, as)
10. Pigs And Pans (Soloists: John Scofield, gt; Ludwig Nuss, tb; Hans Dekker, dr)

Duration 01:57:32

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