6 thoughts on “Brad Mehldau – Solo in Vienne, June 2010

  1. Fantastic. This is an incredible performance, and a very nice recording.

    Just a note that the track names, at least for what I got in the download here, are a little off. Track 2 is both Bittersweet Symphony AND Smells Like Teen Spirit. Track 3 is a Mehldau original, called Waltz for JB apparently. Then tracks 4-7 are as named. (Also, other recordings of this performance I’ve seen online just start with Bittersweet Symphony; the My Favorite Things cover as an opener seems unique to this site… anyone know why?). Anyway, hopefully helpful for those who might have been confused initially, as I was.

  2. i’ve been looking for this recording for so long… You have no idea how much I thank you.

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