Oz Noy Trio – Jazzklubb Fasching, Stockholm, May 2012

Oz Noy: guitar
Darryl Jones: bass
Dave Weckl: drums

Live at Jazzklubb Fasching, Stockholm, Sweden, May 3, 2012
Cover photograph by LJL

1. Get Down
2. Twisted Blues
3. Downside Up
4. Epistrofunk
5. Cosmic Background
6. Whole Tone Blues
7. Twice In A While
8. Steroids
9. Unknown title
10. Jelly Blue
11. Just Groove Me
12. Cissy Strut

Duration 01:48:00

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6 thoughts on “Oz Noy Trio – Jazzklubb Fasching, Stockholm, May 2012

  1. after seeing his pic on this site and others(jazz boot, i tink) I did some research, and wow! pretty rippin’-lookin forward to hearin him with this riddim section! Thanx for postin!

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