Joe Zawinul Syndicate – Birdland, Vienna, May 2004


Amit Chatterjee: guitar
Manolo Badrena: percussion
Linley Marthe: bass
Nathaniel Townsley: drums
Sabine Kabongo: vocals
Joe Zawinul: keyboards

Live at Birdland, Vienna, May 25, 2004
Cover photograph by LJL

  1. Fast City
  2. Blue Sound
  3. East 12th Street Band
  4. Borges Buenos Aires
  5. Intro To A Mighty Theme
  6. Come Sunday
  7. Unknown

Duration 00:54:38

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5 thoughts on “Joe Zawinul Syndicate – Birdland, Vienna, May 2004

  1. Percussionist is Manolo Badrena, from Puerto Rico. He also played on the famous Weather Report “Heavy Weather” album.

  2. Joe Z left us a great legacy. Thanks for this recording. I didn’t have anything of his from this year in my collection.

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