John Abercrombie with Hessian Radio Big Band – Frankfurt, October 2009

John Abercrombie: guitar
Axel Schlosser: trumpet
Tony Lakatos: tenor saxophone
Oliver Leicht: alto saxophone
Heinz-Dieter Sauerborn: soprano saxophone
Christian Jaksjo: trombone
Peter Feil: trombone
Gunter Bollmann: trombone
Rainer Heute: bass clarinet
Peter Reiter: piano
Paul Hochstadter: drums
Jim McNeely: conductor, arrangements

Live at Frankfurt Radio Hall, October 23, 2009
Cover photograph by LJL

1. Jazz Folk
2. Ralph’s Piano Waltz
3. Everything I Love
4. Anniversary Waltz
5. Out of Towner

Duration 00:47:58

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  1. Rintesh Roy
    April 20, 2017

    Thank you for sharing.

  2. Ewan Dale
    July 12, 2014

    Sorry – just found a tour schedule which confirms Frankfurt on the 9th following the Geissen concert on the 7th. Presumably 23rd would be a broadcast date for the concert recording, or else a separate recording for broadcast. The full horn sound would appear to support the fuller band-list, though I haven’t noticed a clear sign of Martin Scales on a 2nd guitar, so perhaps the truth is somewhere in between the 2 versions? Or I could just ignore the details and enjoy!

  3. Ewan Dale
    July 12, 2014

    Hi – Do you know any more about this? I found 2 conflicting references – a Frankfurt concert with a bigger line-up on 23 October – & a newspaper report of other tour dates including @ Geissen (Gießen) . (It always amazes me how much extra Jim McNeely seems to bring to hr BigBand arrangements compared to the Monday Night Orchestra recordings.) If only funding still supported international tours by the Deutsches rundfunk line-ups.


  4. Chico
    July 12, 2014

    Thank YOU!!! This is BEAUTIFUL and I’m only half way thru the first tune!!! Unbelievable sound quality! Awesome playing! Great arranging by McNeely! Stellar! Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!


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