6 thoughts on “Trio Beyond – Montreux Jazz Festival, July 2006

  1. I hope the appreciation never gets old for you and you keep this going for a very long time; thank you very much for this recording. Many thanks also for the previous acoustic trio too; didn’t know that existed. I grew up listening to the Friday Night in San Francisco record and had no idea Al “replaced” Larry. Not only do I get great recordings here, but also an education.

    1. Thanks for the kind words Jim.
      We are being chased at the moment by the dark forces of the music business (Hence the few links that do not work. Let us know if we can help to get those).
      But we will do our best to keep this up.
      Peace, love and jazz!

  2. Hey LJL
    Love this group! Thanks for the post.
    I think the unknown track is Lawns by Carla Bley, featured on a previous LJL John Scofield Trio post from Gothenberg, 2012, with a slightly different feel.
    The last track is Miles’ It’s About That Time.
    Great efforts much appreciated!

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