Louis Sclavis Quintet – Willisau Jazz Festival, August 2007

Louis Sclavis: clarinet, bass clarinet, soprano saxophone, alto saxophone
Maxime Delpierre: guitar
Paul Brousseau: guitar, keyboards, sampler
Marc Baron: soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone
Francois Merville: drums

Live at Willisau Jazz Festival, Willisau, Switzerland, August 30, 2007
Cover photograph by LJL

1. Le Verbe
2. Archeologie
3. Le Long Du Temps
4. Unknown
5. Story of a Phrase
6. Lidee Du Dialecte

Duration 01:09:53

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3 thoughts on “Louis Sclavis Quintet – Willisau Jazz Festival, August 2007

  1. Damn, what a great concert. I’m not familiar with any of these players, so thanks for putting this up. Always great to find new great music – thanks for all the great shows.

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