Lyle Mays Trio – Teatro Opera, Buenos Aires, September 1992

Lyle Mays: piano
Eric Hochberg, bass
Mark Walker: drums
Pedro Aznar: vocals (1, 7)

Live at Teatro Opera, Buenos Aires, September 23, 1992
Cover photograph by LJL

1. Sienna
2. Close to Home
3. Corinho
4. Fictionary
5. Lincoln Review His Notes
6. Stella by Starlight
7. Cambio

Duration 01:02:05

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19 thoughts on “Lyle Mays Trio – Teatro Opera, Buenos Aires, September 1992

  1. I suspect that many folk like me regularly download from here without saying thanks.

    So I say it now; I really do appreciate having access to music I’d be unable to discover elsewhere, so long may you enliven my lounge.


  2. thanks, nice to hear Lyle mays with pedro Aznar! It´s a pitty he (Lyle) is retired from the music business!
    greetings from Brazil

    1. His Wikipedia page mentions that he loves mathematics and chess, so this page – in which he comments that he has “lots going on” – shows that while he may not be producing jazz as good as his first solo album (or for PMG), he’s still following his muse.

      Mind you, there cannot be many who will be able to follow him now, so, for one, I’m more than content with his Fictionary.

  3. Hi, discovered this page quite by accident – thank you very much for making this available. Pat and Lyle’s music has meant so much to me over the years, and I’ve not come across this before.

    Very best wishes.

  4. Hi and Thank you for posting this show! I found your page because of a post in the Lyle Mays Fanpage on facebook. Take care and thanks, again!

  5. I thank you for uploading this gem. I just wonder why this man has made so few official recording as leader.

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