Pat Metheny 80/81 band – Hamburg, August 1981

Pat Metheny: guitars, guitar synthesizer
Dewey Redman: tenor saxophone
Michael Brecker: tenor saxophone
Charlie Haden: double bass
Jack DeJohnette: drums

Live in Hamburg, August 29, 1981
Cover photograph by LJL

  1. Turnaround
  2. Offramp
  3. Broadway Blues
  4. Every Day (I Thank You)
  5. James

Duration 02:25:20

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3 thoughts on “Pat Metheny 80/81 band – Hamburg, August 1981

  1. Back in the day I hoped to see this band for real but I never managed it-now, with this live concert to listen to I can look back with fond memories of a great superstar lineup-thank you!

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