Ralph Towner & John Abercrombie – Hamburg NDR 1984

Ralph Towner: guitar
John Abercrombie: guitar

Live at Studio 10 Funkhaus NDR, Hamburg, May 8, 1984
Cover photograph by LJL (unknown artist)

Updated setlist:

  1. Bumabia
  2. The Juggler’s Etude
  3. Beneath An Evening Sky
  4. Half Past Two
  5. Late Night Passenger
  6. The Donkey Jamboree
  7. Timeless
  8. Waterwheel
  9. Nardis

Duration 01:07:48

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8 thoughts on “Ralph Towner & John Abercrombie – Hamburg NDR 1984

  1. This concert has a much better balance than ‘At The Blue Note’ which has Towner way up in the mix. But that’s interesting too.

    I really like some of the textures on this one.


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