Miles Davis Group – Jazzgipfel Stuttgart, July 1988


Miles Davis: trumpet
Kenny Garrett: alto saxophone, flute
Bobby Irving, Adam Holzmann: keyboards
Joe Foley McCreary: guitar
Benjamin Rietveld: bass
Ricky Wellmann: drums
Marilyn Mazur: percussion

LiveĀ at Liederhalle Stuttgart, July 11, 1988
Cover photograph by LJJ

1. Star People
2. Me and You
3. Human Nature
4. Wrinkle
5. Tutu
6. Time After Time

Duration 00:51:57

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5 thoughts on “Miles Davis Group – Jazzgipfel Stuttgart, July 1988

  1. When Rick Wellman produced a quite heavy beat during one piece, one stick broke and the upper part of it flew away and landed right on my lap.
    I still keep it as a souvenir. After the show I had the chance to talk some seconds with Miles behind the stage. I asked him if his suit was designed by Yakomoto. He seemed to like the question because it was not about jazz. He laughed, walked away flirting with Marylin Mazur.
    Thomas St.

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