Keith Jarrett “European Quartet” – Hannover Funkhaus, April 1974

Keith Jarrett: piano
Jan Garbarek: saxophone
Palle Danielsson: bass
Jon Christensen: drums

Live at Hannover Funkhaus, April 18, 1974
Cover photograph by LJL

  1. Belonging
  2. Spiral Dance
  3. Blossom
  4. Give Me Your Ribbons, I Give You My Bows
  5. The Windup
  6. Mandala
  7. Solstice
  8. Long As You Know You’re Living Yours

Duration 01:35:41

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7 thoughts on “Keith Jarrett “European Quartet” – Hannover Funkhaus, April 1974

  1. A highlight of many NDR-Jazzworkshops. “The Windup” is a real cooker. Thanks a lot !

  2. Thank you!!!

    And I have to say I really like the album covers you design. They are suprerior to so many record labels.

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