Off-Jazz: Genesis – “The Lamb Lies Down” Tour Concert, 1974-1975

Peter Gabriel: voice, percussion
Steve Hackett: guitar
Mike Rutherford: guitar, bass
Tony Banks: keyboards
Phil Collins: drums, voice

Live at Los Angeles, Phoenix, Lakeland, Wembley, Liverpool, Groningen and Providence, during the tour presenting “The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway” album, December 1974 – June, 1975

Assembled by Youtuber RockIsDeadTheySay from original soundboard audio without studio overdubs. Declipping, stereo-enhancement and EQ by LJL.

  1. The Story Of Rael I
  2. The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway
  3. Fly On A Windsheld
  4. Broadway Melody Of 1974
  5. Cuckoo Cocoon
  6. In The Cage
  7. The Grand Parade Of Lifeless Packaging
  8. The Story Of Rael II
  9. Back In N.Y.C.
  10. Hairless Heart
  11. Counting Out Time
  12. Carpet Crawlers 
  13. The Chamber Of 32 Doors
  14. The Story Of Rael III
  15. Lilywhite Lilith
  16. The Waiting Room
  17. Anyway
  18. Here Comes The Supernatural Anaesthetist
  19. The Lamia
  20. Silent Sorrow In Empty Boats
  21. The Colony Of Slippermen
  22. Ravine
  23. The Light Dies Down On Broadway
  24. Riding The Scree
  25. In The Rapids
  26. It
  27. Encore I: Watcher Of The Skies
  28. Encore IIa: The Story Of Henry And Cynthia
  29. Encore IIb: The Musical Box
  30. Encore III: The Knife

Duration 02:21:30

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  1. Paul
    November 16, 2021

    Thank you!! Been a huge Genesis fan since 1977.

  2. sergio orrao
    May 29, 2020

    I still remember when I bough the double LP. Great music. Here the audio is very good. Fantastico! Thank you

  3. RockIsDeadTheySay :')
    May 20, 2020

    Thank you very much for making this possible <3 I just completed the listening, and let me tell you that the work you have done is wonderful. It's a very pleasing result, well balanced, and I'm impressed with the overall quality. Besides, I feel very humbled for you picking up and working with this version, it's really appreciated.

    PS: Nice detail on using a still from the video as the front cover <3

    1. livejazzlounge
      May 21, 2020

      We thank you! It was your painstaking work assembling this wonderful set that made this possible.
      Peace, love and jazz!

  4. BT
    May 8, 2020

    Much appreciated

  5. Paul
    May 8, 2020

    Thank you!!

  6. Nicolobo
    May 7, 2020

    Gracias por compartir esta y tantas joyas!! Nunca defraudan los posts en este magnifico blog. Perdon por agradecer tan poco….

  7. Jim
    May 7, 2020

    Fantastic! Thank you. Makes staying home a bit easier…

  8. Julián Vicente González Bueno
    May 7, 2020

    Un bonito documento de la mejor época de “Genesis” en mi opinión.
    Muchas gracias.


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