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Unreleased live jazz recordings

LiveJazzLounge only presents material that is freely accessible and not sold commercially. LiveJazzLounge is a totally non-profit, commercial-free endeavour, fuelled solely by the love for this great music. It has already received praise and gratitude from many of the featured artists. In its first 5 years of existence, LiveJazzLounge featured 428 live jazz performances by 890 artists. It received over 448,000 visitors from 152 countries.

All content in the LiveJazzLounge is available from the domain. No messy downloads from funky sites, no commercials popping up, no captcha frustration. Everything is right here, in one place, always available. Free.

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Peace, love and jazz.


40 thoughts on “The Live Jazz Lounge

  1. That is an impressive collection of artists and live recordings that you have assembled here. Surely a lot of work has gone into this and you deserve respect and admiration…

  2. Thank you so much for maintaining this website, an incredible vault with tons of good music. Picture me almost drooling on the mousepad while browsing for the first time through your archives. Being a pro musician I really appreciate what you are doing here. I have been collecting radio broadcasts of live jazz myself for a long time and tried to attend many live concerts even if that meant driving hundreds of kilometres. Nevertheless there are shows too far away or others I could not see because of myself playing the evenings.

    Peace, love and jazz, Stephan

  3. I’m a frequent visitor of this wonderful jazz temple! Nice work. There´s never enough good music!
    Greetings from Portugal

  4. Hi
    I looked for “off-jazz-ravi-shankar-berwaldhallen-stockholm-march-1989”
    Ravi’s music is special to me…

  5. Gracias por toda la música, su presentación es de muy buen gusto, la calidad de las grabaciones es de primera. Los felicito

  6. Thank you so very much for posting all this amazing live music. For me, in regards to jazz, live is where it’s at. I want to thank you particulaly for the Shai Maestro trio stuff-i love their work!!! Muchas Gracias, Merci beau coup!!

  7. Thanks you for the wonderful collection of live sessions of great jazz musicians! I have about 2000 jazz CDs and iTunes downloads, but it is always a pleasure to hear vibrant sound of your favourite artists performing live. Many thanks!!!

  8. Thank you so much for share those precious records for our pleasure.
    a big hug from são paulo – brasil
    love, peace and jazz

  9. Otra vez les entrego mi gratitud y admiración por todo su trabajo de edición y recopilación. Los artistas son todos de primer nivel y es meritorio señalar la amplitud de estilos presentados

  10. thanks a lot for sharing this precious jewels. as a music lover, I apreciate too much your passion and your effort. a big hug from são paulo, brasil

    1. Thanks so much for your kind comments.
      We are all in debt to these wonderful artists.
      What would be of our lives without their creations?
      We ought to support them by going to their concerts and buying their music.
      Peace, love and jazz.

  11. Hello there “LJL”. This is Plöp from 365trios. Your blog has been a source of so much wonderful music over the years. For that I thank you. I was just looking through a folder of mine called ‘The Great Jazz Deluge’ and I realized that a lot of it originated from you here and your blog. ~ Plöp

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