Nels Cline Singers – Nova Jazz Cava, Terrassa, Barcelona, March 2015


Nels Cline: guitar,electronics
Cyro Baptista: percussion
Trevor Dunn: electric & acoustic bass
Scott Amendola: drums

Live at Nova Jazz Cava, Terrassa, Barcelona, Spain, March 19, 2015
Cover photograph by LJL

  1. Forge
  2. A mug like mine
  3. King Queen
  4. The angel of angels
  5. Canales’ Cabeza
  6. Divining
  7. You Noticed
  8. Respira
  9. Sascha’s Book of Frogs
  10. Cause Of Concern
  11. Seven Zed Heaven
  12. A.I.R.

Duration 01:56:34

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