MUT Trio w/Masa Kamaguchi – Bilbao + Huesca, June 2014


Miguel Fernandez: saxophones
Tito Juan: guitar
Oriol Roca: drums
Masa Kamaguchi: bass

UPDATED: Live at La Bilbaina Jazz Club, Bilbao, June 19 and El Matadero, Huesca, June 22, 2014
Cover photograph by LJL

  1. Bilbao Part 1
  2. Bilbao Part 2
  3. Bilbao Part 3
  4. Huesca Part 1
  5. Huesca Part 2
  6. Huesca Part 3
  7. Huesca Part 4

Duration 01:34:37

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3 thoughts on “MUT Trio w/Masa Kamaguchi – Bilbao + Huesca, June 2014

  1. regardless of which browser i use, this one won’t open

    thanks again for all you do

    nice new format to the website too

    happy and healthy new year

    1. There was a problem with the link. It should be fixed now.
      Thanks for bringing this to our attention.
      Peace, love and jazz!

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