Enrico Pieranunzi – Lausanne, 2008-2012

Enrico Pieranunzi: piano
Latin Jazz Quartet
Rosario Giuliani: saxophone
Enzo Pietropaoli: bass
Fabrizio Sferra: drums

Live in Lausanne, 2008-2012
Cover photograph by LJL

  1. Tierra nativa (Latin Jazz Quintet)
  2. Je ne sais quoi (Trio)
  3. Hindsight (Trio)
  4. Don’t forget the poet (Solo)
  5. I Mean You (with Rosario Giuliani)
  6. Pannonica (with Rosario Giuliani)
  7. Body And Soul (with Enzo Pietropaoli and Fabrizio Sferra)

Duration 01:00:23

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