Michael Brecker & Pat Metheny “Special Quartet” – La Villette, Paris, July 2000


Michael Brecker: tenor saxophone
Pat Metheny: guitars
Larry Goldings: hammond B3
Bill Stewart: drums

Live at La Villette, Paris, July 2, 2000
Previously available at Bogard’s Jazztapes

1. Half Past Late
2. Into The Dream
3. Extradition
4. What Do You Want?
5. Song For Bilbao

Duration 00:56:24

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9 thoughts on “Michael Brecker & Pat Metheny “Special Quartet” – La Villette, Paris, July 2000

  1. Wonderful blog !

    But I don’t understand for this one, where is the link ? Perhaps I missed something…

  2. Dear,
    I don’t understand why but not only this zipped file seems not to work while the most you can extract the files normally – should I missed anything?
    Wish to congratulate with your site – I wished to make something similar but not enough time – many jazz concerts that I didn’t found (e.g. on DIME), although I have a “vault” with something 10.000 ……
    If you wish to have a look to my library (music all MP3 like you, videos diferent formats) please let me know and give directions how to exchange.

    1. Hi Roberto,
      Thanks for passing by and the kind words. We can not reproduce your problem. Files larger than 100MB can sometimes be a little troublesome. Just keep trying, you’ll be rewarded! Please do consider starting that site of yours. We need as many of us as possible to promote this great —but underappreciated— music.
      Peace, love and jazz.

      1. Dear,

        thanks for the answer.

        For the site, when I’ll be in pension and less troubles …… for sure!

        Thanks again


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