Wayne Shorter Quartet – Gothenburg Konserthus, May 2008

Wayne Shorter: saxophones
Danilo Perez: piano
John Patitucci: bass
Brian Blade: drums

Live at Konserthus, Gothenburg, Sweden, May 5, 2008
Cover photograph by LJL

1. Part 01
2. Part 02
3. Go
4. Part 04
5. Part 05
6. Aung San Suu Kyi | Over shadow hill away
7. Part 07
8. Part 08
9. Part 09

Duration 01:12:00

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7 thoughts on “Wayne Shorter Quartet – Gothenburg Konserthus, May 2008

  1. Thank you, once again, it is fantastic to listen this marvellous band. I saw them in Paris (Salle Pleyel), November 2012. Could we mention tracks, honestly I don’t know because everytime it is a musical happening full of surprise and without any pre-establish forms. “Without a net”, the last cd express exactly the spirit of the music. In Paris, they play one hour and an Encore track : Joy Rider
    We keep in contact, If I find some of them, I let you know.

  2. I love the Wayne Shorter Quartet; I see them in mexico city like 10 years ago and still keep awaking the best sonoric memories of my life (that and the after death K. Stockhausen’s concert in the best concertroom of the city) I will try to fill the gaps in the names but, as Tito says, the composition are always changing. I have like 9 or 10 bootleg and there are no one similar; they are simple amazing in his open minded. You can have the same composition in the most diferent way one concert to another, if there are other band as free as WSQ i’ll love to hear them.

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