Chris Potter “Underground” – Jazzklubb Fasching, Stockholm, November 2007

Chris Potter: saxophones, bass clarinet
Craig Taborn: Fender Rhodes
Adam Rogers: guitar
Nate Smith: drums

Live at Jazzklubb Fasching, Stockholm, Sweden, November 23, 2007
Cover photograph by LJL

1. Untitled I
2. Ladies Of The Canyon
3. Facing East
4. Rumples
5. Untitled II
6. Next Best Western
7. Nudnik
8. Togo

Duration 01:36:33

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6 thoughts on “Chris Potter “Underground” – Jazzklubb Fasching, Stockholm, November 2007

  1. the more i hear of chris the better he gets..hope to see him w/ the new pat metrheny group..thanks

  2. Just started listening to this band, after getting into Chris Potter thru Dave Hollands’ bands, and Craig Taborn thru his myriad projects: Some pretty hip sounding electric modern stuff for sure, freaking great! Thanks so much!

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