6 thoughts on “Wayne Shorter Quartet – Gothenburg Konserthus, March 2003

  1. Hello, Thank you very much for this one, do you have the part II of this show ?
    Best Regards

    1. No, sorry only this part so far. But we do know that they also played “Joy Rider”, “Smilin’ through” and other tunes at this concert. We’ll keep looking for those. In the meantime, keep an eye for a couple of upcoming releases from later concerts in Umea and Gothenburg by this fantastic quartet. Watch this space!

  2. Thank You for your answer, you’re right, Wayne Shorter’s Quartet is perhaps one of the most advance and innovative band in jazz today. I will follow your blog as usual, because it is always full of surprise and I really thank you for your ability to make us find such rarety. Best Regards

    1. Agreed. These guys have played for a long time together —unusual for a jazz combo. They are much better live than in the studio. Their interplay is telepathic. There are not many bands like them.

  3. thanx for posting this-one of my favorite improvising bands, and hearing them live, as I did in Newport 4-5 years ago was worth every penny: Thanks!

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