Gary Burton Quintet – Molde Jazz Festival, August 1974

Gary Burton: vibraphone
Mick Goodrick: guitar
Pat Metheny: guitar
Steve Swallow: bass
Bob Moses: drums

Live at Molde Jazz Festival, Norway, August 2, 1974

  1. Sea Journey
  2. Olhos de Gato
  3. Falling Grace
  4. Three
  5. Como en Vietnam
  6. In Your Quiet Place
  7. Desert Air
  8. The Colours of Chloe
  9. Grown Your Own
  10. Coral
  11. Encore

Duration 01:09:07

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10 thoughts on “Gary Burton Quintet – Molde Jazz Festival, August 1974

    1. … and also with Pat Metheny at 19 years old!
      He would become 20 just ten days after this concert.
      Simply amazing!

  1. Greetings from Tokyo!
    Very much enjoying the live postings, especially all the ECM artists from the “good ol’ days” of the mid-’70s and thereabouts.

    This is also a fine selection, however I thought the titles seemed a bit off, so set about searching through what Gary Burton albums I have (and YouTube) to see what I could dig up, and here’s what I found :

    01 Falling Grace —> Sea Journey (from Passengers – 1977)
    02 Track 02 —> Olhos de Gato (from The New Quartet – 1973)
    03 Track 03 —> Falling Grace (from Crystal Silence – 1972)
    04 Track 04
    05 Track 05 —> Como en Vietnam (from Gary Burton & Keith Jarrett – 1971) / Crystal Silence – 1972)
    06 In Your Quiet Place (from Alone at Last – 1972)
    07 Desert Air (from Crystal Silence – 1972)
    08 The Colours of Chloë (from Ring – 1974)
    09 Grow Your Own —> Doin the Pig (from Throb – 1969)
    10 Coral —> Grow Your Own (from Gary Burton & Keith Jarrett – 1971)
    11 Encore (Coral) (from The New Quartet – 1973)

    Although many of these tunes are recorded again elsewhere, I thought it might be best to zero in on the ones closest, chronologically-speaking.

    Sorry, couldn’t place Track 4, though it sounds very “Steve Swallow-y” with hints of Carla Bley.

    Anyway, thanks again for all the effort involved in creating and maintaining this site. It’s quite a treasure.


  2. Great recording – thanks for making it available.

    Track 04 is Mike Gibbs’s “Three,” I believe.

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