Endangered Blood – Debaser, Malmo, Sweden, November 2011

Oscar Noriega: alto sax, bass clarinet
Chris Speed: tenor sax
Trevor Dunn: bass
Jim Black: drums

Live at Debaser, Malmo, Sweden, November 28, 2011

1. Plunge
2. Rare
3. Uri Bird
4. Valya
5. Tacos At Oscar
6. Bash Nice Try
7. Elvin Lisbon
8. Iris
9. Faces & Places (Ornette Coleman)
10. K
11. Andrew Ditty Variation One

Duration 1:26:06

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5 thoughts on “Endangered Blood – Debaser, Malmo, Sweden, November 2011

  1. Plunge
    Uri Bird
    Tacos At Oscar
    Bash, Nice Try
    Elvin Lisbon
    Faces & Places (Ornette Coleman)
    Andrew Ditty Variation One

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