Oregon – Tmisoara, Romania, October 2003

Ralph Towner: guitar, piano, keyboards
Paul McCandless: oboe, bass clarinet, alto saxophone
Glen Moore: bass
Mark Walker: drums, percussion

Live at Timisoara Jazz Festival, Romania, October 19, 2003

  1. Joyful Departure Part 1
  2. Joyful Departure Part 2
  3. Anthem
  4. Yet To Be
  5. Distant Hills
  6. Pepe Linque
  7. If
  8. Free Improvisation
  9. Mountain King
  10. Monterey Suite 1st Movement
  11. The Glide
  12. Green And Golden
  13. Monterey Suite 2nd Movement
  14. L’Assassino Che Suona
  15. Pawns
  16. The Silence Of A Candle

Duration 02:09:04

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3 thoughts on “Oregon – Tmisoara, Romania, October 2003

  1. Thanks! I have a pretty big collection of Oregon live shows, but had nothing from 2003 until this show.

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